Alban Gaultier, Ph.D-Principal Investigator

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Anthony Fernandez-Castaneda-Neuroscience Graduate student

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Remyelination of denuded axons in patients suffering from MS remains to be addressed pharmacologically. Anthony proposes to elucidate molecular mechanisms by which the MS lesion environment inhibits oligodendrocyte precursor cell differentiation. Ultimately, shedding light on these poorly understood signaling pathways will enable us to develop novel therapeutic agents that promote remyelination in MS lesions.



Abagail Rosen-Pharmacology Graduate Student

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Abagail is studying molecular interventions in neurological disease. 


Tzu-Ying Chuang-MD/PhD Graduate Student

tc2ys[AT] 434-243-1964

Phagocytic cells are instrumental to clearance of debris in the body. One of the suspected triggers for Multiple Sclerosis is defective myelin clearance, causing subsequent inflammation and associated clinical symptoms. Tzu-Ying is studying how microglial responses to inflammation affect MS progression. 







Scott Seki - MD/PhD Graduate Student




Ioana Marin - Neuroscience Graduate Program Student 

Co Mentored (J. KIpnis)

Max Stevenson

Max Stevenson

David Johanson

David Johanson

Jennifer Goertz

Jennifer Goertz

Sabhi Singh

Sabhi Singh